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PAINTJOBS offers a comprehensive range of painting and decorating services tailored to both residential and commercial needs. PAINTJOBS is a London painting and decorating service provider and if you are a Londoner and are searching to find "painter decorator near me or decorators and painters near me" you have found the right painter decorator service provider. For homeowners seeking to breathe new life into their spaces, PAINTJOBS provide interior and exterior house and flat (residential) painter decorator services, including colour suggestions for bedrooms, bathroom, living rooms or any other surface requiring painting and decorating; to ensure agreeable tone integration. The process of each project is developed through direct and continuous communication with you, while the aim is to offer an end result that is directly matched to your desired objective. This being a key point of our strength, to really communicate with you where other local painters and decorators may overlook. The initial stage of the work is heavily focused on surface preparation as it is the foundation of any stunning finish, vital to the finishing process. While throughout the process a mixture of outstanding craftsmanship, quality of materials and equipment offer assurance of excellence. At every stage communication is encouraged to ensure agreement toward a final and a satisfactory job!

For commercial clients, PAINTJOBS understands the importance of creating an environment that reflects professionalism and brand identity. It may be that you are looking for a commercial exterior painting job or a London commercial decorator to assist with your interior work. It really makes no difference what type of surface you wish decorate, our expertise extends to to both interior and exterior commercial painting, encompassing offices, retail spaces, schools, restaurants, and more. From freshening up storefronts to executing large-scale interior projects, PAINTJOBS works efficiently and effectively to minimize disruption to your daily tasks. and schedule.

In addition to painter decorator services, PAINTJOBS offer a range of complementary services, including wallpaper scraping or installation, flooring, and surface preparation. With PAINTJOBS you can trust that your residential or commercial project will receive full attention to details, craftsmanship, and personalised service it deserves.

Why PAINTJOBS? Because we are a local painter decorator

PAINTJOBS is a painting and decorating London based service provider offer residential such as house painting and decorating, as well as commercial services such as commercial exterior painting. Regardless of whether you wish to paint an entire home or your exterior fences, or perhaps just require work on internal doors and frames as a London professional painting and decorating service provider, PAINTJOBS is the right choice for you. Any given job that is worked, is developed through preparation and ensuring surface readiness. Perhaps you've searched google for a painter decorator near me? If you selection PAINTJOBS, when painting, the work carried out follows a standard process of mostly two coats and more if required, for instance one undercoat and finish coat (s). The coats reflect only what the surface (wood, metal or walls) requires. As a local painters and decorators we take pride in preparing surfaces and ensure they are cleared, cleaned and sanded in between coats based on requirement. Our work is highly customer driven, it may be the case that you require colour suggestions for bedroom or commercial exterior painting; PAINTJOBS can assist. If you are thinking of local painter decorator you should select PAINTJOBS subject to customer testimonials and our commitment to delivering according to your requirement, call or text to initiate a friendly discussion on your plans.

Should you select PAINTJOBS as your local painter decorator?

When it comes to selecting a local painter decorator, PAINTJOBS stands out as a top choice for a number of compelling reasons. With a dedication to excellence, attention to detail, and a passion for transforming spaces, PAINTJOBS offers a seamless and rewarding experience for clients seeking to bring a new feel and look to their homes or businesses.

First and foremost, PAINTJOBS boasts a stellar reputation built on a foundation of reliability and professionalism. With years of experience serving the London community as a local painter decorator, we have earned the trust and admiration of countless clients through consistent delivery of exceptional results. Our track record speaks volumes, showcasing their commitment to exceeding expectations and ensuring customer satisfaction with every project undertaken. With every project from the first visit, our focus is to ensure professionalism and communication.

Moreover, PAINTJOBS takes pride in its team of highly skilled and knowledgeable painter decorators who possess the expertise and craftsmanship necessary to tackle projects of any scale or complexity. From meticulous surface preparation to flawless application techniques, we approach each task with precision and care, resulting in stunning outcomes that stand the test of time. Whether it's an interior painter decorator job, commercial exterior painting, or decorative finishes, clients can rest assured that their spaces are in capable hands with PAINTJOBS.

In addition to our technical proficiency, PAINTJOBS sets itself apart with its unparalleled dedication to customer service. From the initial consultation to the final walk through, we prioritise open communication, transparency, and collaboration, ensuring that clients are informed and involved every step of the way. By listening attentively to you needs and preferences, PAINTJOBS crafts customised solutions that reflect the unique style and personality of each client, creating spaces that truly feel like home.

Furthermore, PAINTJOBS places a strong emphasis on using high-quality materials and environmentally friendly practices, demonstrating a commitment to both excellence and sustainability. By employing eco-conscious painting techniques and products, we not only minimise environmental footprint but also create healthier indoor environments for clients to enjoy for years to come.

In conclusion, PAINTJOBS is a premier choice for you seeking a local painter decorator who combines unmatched expertise, impeccable craftsmanship, and exceptional customer service. With PAINTJOBS, clients can trust that their vision will be brought to life with professionalism, precision, and passion, resulting in spaces that inspire joy and admiration for years to come.




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Our Motto : Surface preparation is the key to an excellent finish!

PAINTJOBS is focused on understanding you first, that is to clearly listen to your intent and overall request for your project, encouraging open communication, where you are offered ample opportunity at every stage to inspect and make suggestions. As a London local painter decorator we find your involvement and communication to be fundamental to a satisfactory finish.

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PAINTJOBS offers painting decorating service to both commercial and residential customers covering both interior and exterior surfaces. No job is too small...!

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PAINTJOBS offers both residential and commercial painter decorator services covering interior and exterior surfaces. Our process combines a high focus on surface preparation, craftsmanship and quality of materials. There are very few companies that provide exceptional paint technology that is both durable and pleasing to the eyes. For instance one of the key paint brands we employ is Dulux, by AkzoNobel. Below are a selection of key companies that we regularly utilise in painting and decorating both commercial and residential for any interior exterior project.

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